Random Post : Seleksi 1 AFS/YES 2016

So, let me give some behind the scene.

Hari Sabtunya, aku Youth dulu kan, (perkumpulan remaja di gereja) lalu, aku bokek xD. Akhirnya aku pulang bertiga naik motor sama kakak sepupu dan Tulang (re : Paman) aku kan, naik motor. MOTOR COY.


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Random Post : Seputar AFS/YES 2016

Soooo guys, aku belum pernah menulis dalam bahasa Indonesia disini, walau sejak awal aku ingin sekali menulis FF-ku disini.

Dan sampai sekarang  semuanya masih draft.

/ketawa pahit/

So, aku memilih untuk menuliskan sebuah bahasan yang mungkin sudah kalian stalk di google search every year, when this moment come. Yes, AFS and YES Programme.


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Genius Side of Me : TERESTRIAL

So, actually, we must write about Dewa Athena (the sport championship in my school) but since i was passive that days, and i had a full day appointment, so i write about TERESTRIAL. Enjoy ❤

TERESTRIAL was a name of this year Research Week Celebration in my School, and it was the fifth. In this event, that would be displayed more that 80 research or experiment by the Sophomores, and some contest for the other and Junior High School Student.

That day, i was one of the committe of the event. I was responsible for preparing the foods, transportation and logistic. We had a lot of task, and even i just arrived at the school, someone tell me to bought baloons for the opening of the event. I bought it at Traffic Park, and it was really expansive! One baloon cost 5 thousand rupiahs, and i need to bought 8 baloons! I only brought 10 thousands rupiahs that time, so i gave it to him
(the seller) and promised to pay the rest next time. And, i still unpayed it until now. 😦

So, if you came and see it, that’s a lot of experiment you can see, and it was very attractive actually, but less enthusiasm, since we already tired from the previous event (Aspiration Day plus OBAKE) and…. just a little secret some hearts may tought its only for our tasks. But i got enthusiasm because i was the committe 😀

And, that some workshop and i joint one of them, that is batik workshop. I don’t know what batik process in English, becaouse actually Batik come from Javanese, which contain 2 words, that “Mba” which mean writing and “Tik” which mean candle or something like that (i forgot the “tik” mean)

So first, we  sketch our cloth, skecth anything you want. So, i sketch my mom’s name (in  calligraphy ofc) and give some sparkles, extras actually. —






Song Review : We are the Dream Girls!

Hi guys! It’s a supa-long time since my last post. Yeah, i’m always forget about my blog’s task (sorry Mrs. Wiwin) and beside that i really busy because  my theater team, T’sT joint a competition and it was our first time joint the competition, but i’m free now, and i must rush because i have to write more post(s) #ehe

So, now, we’ll talk about song. Since i really love music (especially KPOP!) so i really happy to write about this!

I’m a bit confused because i have a lot of songs that i want to write, and moot about it, in a lot of genres, like Ballad, R&B, Pop, Hip Hop, and many more. But i would like to write my favourite one right now.

It’s Dream Girls by I.O.I!


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[Education Essay]

Education is something really important these days. Without education, i thought you can’t survive the world, not really actually. Education not only come from the formal school, like you must learn science, sport, social, or other subject like that. Education is something that you learn, and you do for your life.

In my opinion, a good system of education, is when we can explore ourself in maximum capacity, so we would do anything, and found out ourself or found by ourself. Whatever you want, physics, chemistry, art, PE, music, did all of it first. It’s good to learn all of it in young ages. But, let’s say it as student. IT’S HORRIBLE AND ANNOYING SOMETIMES.

Like, 16 subjects in five days, like my mind gonna explode. I have no time for have fun. Even i have, so i don’t have for sleep, or even selfcare. Okay, some of my friend may have it. Why? They’re rich, well educated and pretty. I mean, they can done their task in one night and still have a time for cream bath, because they can did their task with their private teachers, in 1 hours. But, not every people can do it. I mean, i need about 3 hours to make a perfect essays.

Second, the economic and paradigm gap and problem. I mean, if you see the peoples who lived on riverbank, they prefer their children to go to everywhere, searching someone they can help and get some money better than sit for 5-8 hours to learn and play. In other side, every rich people tell their children to be well educated, but their child prefer in art or music major. This why, everyone said this world is unfair.

So, what i can said here, this world is terrible and freak already, so, the only one we can do, are…

Think about it in positive way

It’s serious.

I’m as a student, just understand that, against the system and complain about it can’t change anything. So, just did it, until every problem done, and bear in mind, change it. We are the next generation. I know may some of us thought to have a revenge. But, revenge never come out well and good. (KARMA IS EXIST) so just do something good and positive.

The best way of our education is be positive and always pray and be sure you’re in good character so you can be the representative for other people. Like, if they see you, they like you, and they want to be you. So, whatever the system that you in, you can change it and make all of that in ideal way. Wish you understand

Maybe, it would be hard and hurt in first, even next next and continue to be so. But, even the world against you, believe in God, and even you passed away, you would be in heaven anyway. It would be better place that get hurt in this world. So, remember this

Be Positive Whatever Something Happen

–Dewi Patresia Sihombing

Last [i don’t really think that’s called] Holiday


Last holiday was Christmas and New Year holiday. We stayed in Bandung (IT’ WAS BECAUSE ME. I HAD A SHORT SEMESTER PROGRAMME) , but my brother came back from Semarang (he take his college there) and two of my father’s daughter (my aunties and their family) came to Bandung to visit my grandfather’s brother. It’s a bit hard to explain this, but my grandfather had 2 brothers. Both of them still alive except my grandfather. One of them, the older one, live in Siantar and one of them live in Ciwastra, Bandung. He just moved 1 year ago. Continue reading

Come & Visit : Tidung Island

[A/N] Finally i can updated this story (yuhu~!) when my brother finally came and gimme some photos o my God Thanks! Sorry for the late update cause that’s not that easy to get the photo cause now (when i wrote it) is a holiday season so everyone is lazy~! And than i got no photo from our camera because it’s very very many (?) it’s about 8,5 GB so i got some same photos from Google #lol

okay let’s get started 😀


Everyone loves holiday. And now, i want to tell you about my holiday in Tidung Island. If you don’t know Tidung Island, it’s one of thousands island in The Thousands Islands. The Thousands Islands is a chain of islands to the north of Jakarta’s coast. It consists of a string of 110 islands stretching 45 km (28 mi) north into the Java Sea at West Jakarta Bay and in fact north of Banten Province.


This looks like flagelata…

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Let me curhat first.

I want to update this blog so much but too much task doesn’t let me do it -_-. So, maybe, i only come every time our english teacher gives us the tasks. Now, the task is about my school life, and for me, it’s must be soooooo loooong to tell you. It can be 2 chapter. My life, my fanfiction (#EEAA)

And, i still can’t re-type my other posts (because of my bad grammar) because of, TASKS. ESPECIALLY MATH. IT’S KILL ME INSIDE BRO.  And some of my business too. Everyone had their own business, right? ._.

So, thanks for reading this, and hope everyone understand ^^

I will not go into a story unprepared. I will do my homework, and that’s something i learned at an early age.
-Ed Bradley